Player Feedback

“In my 35 years as a professional in the studio and playing live, I have never come across an amp that so perfectly reproduces the character of my individual basses. Since I switched to the Bi series, It’s like I have a completely new collection of basses. I am finally hearing the true sound of all my instruments.” Tom Richards, Nashville Bassist and Bass Industry Expert
“This amp is amazing. It is so clear and reproduces the sound of my bass and playing style so well, it’s like having an amp sized studio monitor!” – Amos Heller, Bass Player for Taylor Swift
Prior to playing on Form Factor, it was a challenge to find any rig that could create the clarity and versatility necessary to fit the various styles that I play. It was a bit of fresh air to finally find a rig that not only could give me the clarity and versatility that I needed, but also brought out the true tonal characters of my basses." – Karthik Suresh, Bass Player for Till All Is One
“Form Factor is a whole new way to hear bass, high end not provided by a traditional tweeter, low end thrown louder, cleaner and further than traditional speakers are capable of, and cabs built in literally completely different and new dimensions.” – Victor Broden, Bass Player and Musical Director for Thomson Square
"The amp is clean and holds the note, no matter what you throw at it. The cabs can take the power and never break apart, even at full volume. This is it".  – Jamie Gamble, Bass Player for Ciara and LA-based Gospel and Session player
The Bi1000 is the last bass amp you'll ever need. It has so much gain and so much power...and in such a light package. – Pancho Tomaselli, Bass Player for Philm, WAR, Tower of Power and LA-based Session Player