About us


The Cabs

Both the technical process of production and the design and intention of the cabinets made by Form Factor are entirely different from any other bass gear manufacturer in the world. Starting with the use of top quality compression drivers and horns instead of tweeters, which creates a punch and high end that’s unparalleled, and the use of next generation transducers that deliver powerful bottom end performance and tone. The goal is to make an organic product that fits within the music process and aides in the creation of each player’s unique sound, aided by our design and vision, as opposed to filtered through it. With a Form Factor cabinet, the player hears their tone, a clear, powerful and present version of the bass, pickups, strings, etc. The entire set up comes through like a bell, and allows the player to hear every minute detail, and feel their tone, both literally and figuratively. This, of coarse, would not be possible without the revolutionary craftsmanship with which the manufacturing process is done. Marrying together an old world craftsman approach with the latest in production technology and processes, Form Factor is able to create a bass cabinet that is technologically beyond what is currently in the market place, but rugged, usable and virtually unbreakable.

The Amps

The B.i. series of amps was in development for several years. And while this may see like a long time, the result speaks for itself. Using proprietary power modules that deliver above spec power, and a completely revolutionary pre-amp and EQ section, we were able to achieve our vision of a clean, clear and powerful signal path that delivers the tone from the instrument unobstructed and with no added coloration. Even when a player dials in the sound with a mid-frequency boost or added treble, the process is so seamless that it adds nothing more than the intended input from the player. Building upon the architecture of the B.i. series pre and drawing on our team of experts and engineers, we’re actively expanding the model line to offer the modern bass player even more tools to achieve the desired tone and sound that they’re looking for.  And with our US based production line we’re able to delivery unparalleled quality, longevity and performance that delivers on stage, in the studio and on every gig.

Drawing on 12+ years of building PA cabinets and amplifiers for the grueling conditions of touring and sport arena installations, the team at Form Factor distilled much of that tech into the creation of the cabs and amps.  From the dual component polyurethane coating to military spec wiring and metal to high-end Italian transducers and calibrated plywood of only the highest grade. The end product is a culmination of innovation and tradition, build by dedicated professionals in California, USA.


for more info on the company please visit our main page. http://www.formfactoraudio.com/