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"I recently bought Bi1000 amp and it’s the best bass gear I’ve ever used. Form Factor Audio is the best out there!"

—Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe


"The result was a brighter version of a Jaco-inspired tone that made me want to keep playing and playing."

—Victor Brodén, Premier Guitar 


"By Far, Hands Down... The Answer! This is the sound of Today’s Bass."

—Charles Quinn (aka Dr. Thumbs)


"Really loving my Bi1000Di and 2x10 Neo. And for my bigger engagements I add my 4x10 for 1000 watts. Amazing."

—Jay Laws


"I've had the opportunity to test out the Bi 1000 for the past couple weeks, and my bass has never sounded better! Form Factor has, undoubtedly, the best bass amps and cabs in the game!!"

Brendan Grellman


"I just got the BI 1000. I'm hearing tones out of my bass that I have never heard from it. along with that there is ton of headroom. I've had it out on 2 small gigs so far and I'm loving it! truly a great amp!"

—Robert Ellison


"I am proud to be a member of the Form Factor Audio family. I mostly play pit orchestras and the Bi-400 and 1B12 are perfect for what I do. My NS Design electric upright sounds incredible through this rig."

Bob Potsic


"The amp is clean and holds the note, no matter what you throw at it. The cabs can take the power and never break apart, even at full volume. This is it". 

 – Jamie Gamble, Bass Player for Ciara 


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