Form Factor Audio: Hand-crafted, American-made bass equipment. 

Form Factor Audio is designed so each player can hear the tone of their bass instrument. This is why we build our bass cabinets and amps and basses to be transparent, powerful and dynamic. You can shape YOUR distinct sound through a Form Factor rig. Our products deliver aggressively fast response, tons of power and dynamic range, all you need to do is bring your tone.


"I recently bought Bi1000 amp and it’s the best bass gear I’ve ever used. Form Factor Audio is the best out there!"
—Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe

"The result was a brighter version of a Jaco-inspired tone that made me want to keep playing and playing."
—Victor Brodén, Premier Guitar 

"By Far, Hands Down... The Answer! This is the sound of Today’s Bass."
—Charles Quinn (aka Dr. Thumbs)

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